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We are one of the UAE leading producers of high quality pre-cooked, par-baked, finished and semi-finished foods for professional catering, hospitality and F&B sectors.

Our portfolio of bakery items includes: Pizza bases (standard and high hydration), focaccia, bread, pastries, brioche buns, potato buns, waffles, pancakes, pies, tarts, cakes, English muffins, snacks and much more.

We also produce dairy products such as shredded mozzarella, yogurt and liquid ready mixes for soft ice cream machines.

In our Dubai based factory we are able to produce customized lines, tailormade food based on our customers’ needs and requirements. We work very closely with our clients and provide them with different menu’ options, recipes, varieties, solutions.

Our handicraft food production is an artisan workshop where all products are in full harmony with the environment, respecting people and nature.

Craftsmanship and research are the basis of our journey. In fact, we have developed a system for production of finished and semi-finished artisanal food products that meet the needs of hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, catering companies, bars, schools, hospitals, theme parks, event organizers and airlines.

Our products range is ideal for those F&B operators with small kitchens or (for different reasons) structurally unable to prepare good, consistent lines of products and yet wanting to offer unique, premium foods to their clients.

All our bakery and dairy products are the result of intense work based on the perfect combination of traditional artisan techniques, manual skills and industrial machineries. The well balanced coexistence of these elements allows us to look to the future with an innovative spirit, while keeping the key values ​​of the past firmly in place.

We work only with high quality raw materials, new and advanced production techniques. Once prepared and cooked, all products are first blast frozen and then stored frozen in order to maintain the organoleptic properties.

Our premium, high quality and conveniently priced products reduce the serving time of your kitchen by up to 70% and most of all with an 100% consistency in terms of look, shape, flavour and quality.



We learn from the past to build the future. This allows us to be in control of the lifestyles, diet patterns and trends dictated by the world fast changes. Renewing and innovating is only possible with the necessary knowledge and respect of old traditions.

With the right innovation we are able to improve the quality and effectiveness of production processes, creating the ground for an increase in production capacity and flexibility which translate in enhanced customer service.


Our greatest and most important ingredient is the passion for what we do and the continuous desire to improve it.

Passion for us means creating products that add real tangible value to our clients’ operations. It also means soliciting openness to change, creativity and getting 100% involved to always guarantee better results than the initial ones.


Each product is prepared and produced with the maximum care, competence and attention as they go through various phases of handcrafted processing and control.

Skilled hands are engaged in the production every day, leaving nothing to chance and without neglecting all those small details that distinguish IFM INDUSTRIES products. 


Putting the customer at the center for us means adopting a specific organizational culture and strategic orientation whereby we create customer engagement and interaction without which we wouldn’t be able to create intelligent, smart, successful products.

Our customers are at the center of all our strategic decisions. All our business processes are oriented towards our customers’ needs and experience. The output of our corporate action is the fruit of their thorough analysis, in depth understanding and analytical interpretation. 


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